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Hello! I’m Elsa

Intuitive – Medium – Energy Healer


Born as a medium (as the majority of us) I had the opportunity to train with some of the greatest teachers of our time.

H.E Ayang Ringpoche, Mantak Chia, and Pamela Eakins to name a few…

They taught me how to find the place where all questions can be answered.






Every word, every sound we listen, every color, every movie, every person we meet…are building blocks that construct our persona.

Born and raised as a Catholic, I abandoned the tradition in my early twenties as there was a conflicting tension within me related to the overall portrayal of women, like a splinter in the soul.

My work travels to Asia put me in contact with the Eastern traditions, Yoga, Buddhism, and this helped me to heal the breach between doctrine and spirituality within me.

Meeting with Uri Geller in my late twenties made me realize that what we think as reality is more bendable than we can possibly imagine, this lead me to study the psychic phenomena, energy healing, Akashic records, tarot, to name a few. However all this remained as a passion of mine and on the (hidden) sidelines.

And then there was the other encounter…He appeared out of nowhere and I only studied with him for a few months, you will not find him on any school or website, but knowing him took my evolution into a whole new plane. What before was a hobby it became a purpose, understanding human nature, or the history of us that was never told. Like an onion I had to shed layer after layer of beliefs that were not my own. A spiritual awakening is never an easy process, and mine was no different. It took me to a year of full withdraw from the world living in a monastery. to study the Bible, to study the cosmologies of indigenous tribes, ufology, the mystery traditions…it is a path of truth above all.

My friends would probably describe me as a modern druid, and indeed the connection with the land is quintessential for me. My main framework is within the Essene and Gnostic traditions; this framework sets my core values, it is my safe heaven, and my sanctuary…it is the safe place from which I venture to study all the other realms and paths…








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