Sisters of the Holy Pen

36 Women from around the world with Pamela Eakins as Editor in Chief

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Pandemic Corona

What do writers do at the End of the World? They write about it. They will write about it until their last breath. As COVID-19 swept the globe in 2020, the Sisters of the Holy Pen were there. In PANDEMIC CORONA: POEMS OF SHOCK, FEAR, REALIZATION & METAMORPHOSIS, 36 women authors from around the world offered 122 works exploring the emotions and politics of Locking Down, Dancing With Death, The Choices Before Us, and The Emerging Revelations. From inside the lockdown, the women wrote. From inside the mirror of impermanence, they wrote. They wrote out their dread, their fear, their boredom, and their contentment. Within their observations, they regarded all manner of strange portents. All this they approached with cynicism, awe, sardonic humor, and the breathtaking wonder of being and becoming alive inside a meltdown within a chrysalis of permanent transformation. Anyone who is living through, or who has lived through, the Great Pandemic of 2020, will want to read this book.


Death: an end, a beginning, a rite of passage between worlds, a realm of pain and suffering, realization and joy, mystical presence and heightened awareness. Death: a liminal state between the dimensions of ongoing cosmological creation and evolution. The Sisters of the Holy Pen now enter Death. Join with them as they feel and describe the insides of the horrific uncertainties of pandemic, racial explosion, burning cities, war, genocide, ecocide, homicide, and suicide. Join the Sisters as they light the candles, keep the vigils, bury the dead, and even fall toward their own deaths with fear and love, awe and wonder, all this with pen in hand. As you enter into these deep reflections, may you experience all that which is immensely incomprehensible as well as intensely personal—and may you see your own deep soul reflected in the wisdom of the Sisters’ eyes

Sacred Earth

What does it mean to designate something as «sacred»? It is to sacralize, to consecrate, to sanctify–often with rites and rituals–and to set apart as extremely precious. To proclaim the Sacred is to dedicate, and to become dedicated to, a greater meaning, purpose, or being. To walk in the Way of the Sacred is to walk a sacred path of devotion, veneration, and respect. Join the Sisters of the Holy Pen as they stand in awe of our Sacred Earth.


LIBERTY. Breath Death Soul. Poetry and prose by 37 international women writers. Welcome to the song of Woman. Here is Woman’s Voice for Liberty. Here is Woman’s Voice for Freedom. Here, Enter the truth about today—what Liberty is and what Liberty is not—as we, as Women, search for meaning. Enter here. Listen, hear, with us. Join us on a guided journey through our time and consciousness. You will see that, though “the span does not hold”—and though we recognize the enormity of the cages that entrap us, including those we create—we can break free. We can breathe. We can walk aright. We can die to the useless. We can transcend. We can enter the House of Soul. Enter our Ceremony. Walk with us into Freedom. You will see that you belong here, with us


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For a sample of our writing, and to get to know the Sisters of the Holy Pen, you can check below the virtual book presentations, organised by Book Woman, Austin (Texas).

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